Branstad For Governor: Iowa's Terry Branstad Tough On Crime If It Doesn't Involve His Family

by Brian A. Wilkins

Branstad's son, Eric, killed two people following a car "accident" in 1991.

Iowa GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Terry Branstad

This article must be prefaced with the fact that, as an Iowan born and raised, and in my 30s now, I grew up only knowing one governor, and that is Republican Terry Branstad, who served as the state's chief executive from 1983-1999. It seemed Iowa was doing pretty well in his years, but then again, I was just a kid and really didn't care much about politics. But with voters heading to the polls tomorrow in the Republican primary, Branstad's possible preferential treatment for his family when it comes to crime will always tarnish his legacy.

It was Sunday afternoon, August 18, 1991, when Eric Branstad, Terry's then-16-year-old son, was driving to a friends house he was staying with near Granger, IA, while the governor and the rest of the family were in Seattle for a National Governors Association meeting. While driving up Highway 141, a two-lane highway, Eric pulled into the other lane to pass a car when the coast was obviously not clear. One car avoided a head-on collision by quickly swerving onto the shoulder. A second car was sideswiped when it tried to drive between Branstad's van and the car he was trying to pass. The third car, and its passengers, would not be as lucky.

A van driven by Mr. Charles E. McCullough, 65, and his wife, Jean M. McCullough, 60, collided head-on with Branstad's van, which Iowa State trooper Mario Feck said later confirmed was traveling at least 10 miles above the speed limit. Mrs. McCullough died at the scene, while her husband, a retired truck driver, died a short time later at the hospital. Branstad suffered only minor injuries.

The people of Iowa were subsequently made to believe that alcohol was not involved and that Branstad was sober, but this is just hard to believe when the 16-year-old who only had his license for a little over a month, almost hit three cars before killing the Des Moines couple. The news media continually referred to the deceased husband and wife as "the elderly couple" and/or "the older couple" while solely reporting on the condition of Branstad.

Eric was ultimately charged with a misdemeanor traffic violation and ordered to pay a $15 fine. The McCullough family was obviously shocked and outraged by the case's disposition. Then Dallas County Attorney, David Welu said of his decision to only press a traffic charge, "filing only traffic charges in fatal accidents is common, provided drunken, drugged, or reckless driving was not involved." The McCullough family, as many other Iowans did, felt that since Branstad was driving at least 10 miles over the speed limit and almost struck another car, and sideswipped another before killing Charles and Jean McCullough, is more than enough evidence of recklessness.

It was also the response by Iowa authorites which had the family even more upset. Officials at Iowa Methodist Medical Center and Mercy Hospital first told the public that both Branstad and Mr. McCullough were air lifted to Methodist via a Mercy Air Life helicopter, but it was later learned that only Branstad was air lifted, while McCullough was transported by ground ambulance, even though he was far more seriously injured. When Mercy spokeswoman Linda Montet was asked about the decision to air lift Branstad and not Mr. McCullough, she said she could not respond to that because it would "violate patient confidentiality." And though a Methodist "Life Flight" helicopter was also at the scene of the accident, it also failed to air lift Mr. McCullough.

A firestorm would ensue for the next few months. Governor Branstad was asked by a young boy at a Governor's Youth Conference luncheon in November of 1991, "what do you think about your son getting let off the hook so easily when somebody else would be charged with manslaughter?" Branstad responded by saying the question was unfair and that it simply was not true that his son was "let off." That same year, ironically, Governor Branstad pushed for a limited death penalty in Iowa for minors who commit "certain crimes."

A columnist for the Des Moines Register wrote a piece that month as well, entitled, "Did Eric Branstad Get A Break?" The article compared what Branstad did to another car accident in Clinton County, when 18-year-old Jason Van Scoyoc ran off the road and struck a family of four while they were sleeping in a tent, killing all of them. He was charged with four counts of vehicular homicide.

The Branstad's ultimately paid the McCullough's $200,000 on January 22, 1992, to avoid being sued in court. This settlement would also open a can of worms Branstad did not want open. It was learned that the van Eric was driving that struck and killed Mr. and Mrs. McCullough was actually purchased by Governor Branstad's campaign committee and thus owned by the campaign.

Anybody who still believes Eric Branstad was not drunk the night he killed the McCullough are either suffering from tunnel-vision, or are simply Branstad apologists. A little over a year after the fatal car crash, on September 21, 1992, Eric Branstad was arrested in the West Des Moines Dowling High School parking lot on charges of public intoxication. While those charges were pending, Eric was charged on January 20, 1993, with using a fake i.d. to buy beer. On June 7 that same year, Eric was charged with illegal possession of alcohol after yet another car accident which, the Branstad's say, Eric's friend was driving when it crashed into a utility poll. The Jeep Cherokee which the friend crashed, however, was in Governor Branstad's name.

With all of said charges pending, Eric plead guilty to mere alcohol possession and was given a year of probation by a Polk County judge and sent to Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, MO, by his parents. Eric Branstad never spent one day in jail through all of his criminal shenanigans, even though he turned 18 and was no longer a "minor" on July 18, 1993. But this reality did not stop the young Branstad, as he always knew somehow his father would get him off (sounds kind of like George H.W. and George W.).

We can only hope Eric doesn't somehow try and "follow in his father's footsteps" anytime in the future.

In 2001, Eric Branstad was convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), according to court records. He was sentenced to probation again, and Terry Branstad was not even governor at the time. He had also been charged with possession of a controlled substance, but that charge was dismissed. Eric was also cited for driving while suspended in 2005 in Scott County.

Terry Branstad campaigned in the 1990s on enacting the death penalty for minors for certain crimes. Though his agenda never made it into law, what this says is that your children can be killed by the State of Iowa for screwing up, but his kid is given pass after pass. It would be an upset if Branstad is not "re-elected" as governor, simply because of his name recognition in Iowa. But if Branstad will let his son skate after killing two people, what other political malfesance has he been a part of...or will he be a part of if re-elected? Sarah Palin recently endorsed Branstad for governor of Iowa, which will also help his plight among the "right" and "tea party" voters (though Palin followers on Facebook don't seem pleased with the endorsement). Terry Branstad is not a bad human being; just another bad politician who will bend the rules of law for his own agenda and people.

Branstad comfortably leads his GOP opponents, Sioux City business consultant Bob Vander Plaats and state Rep. Rod Roberts of Iowa's 51st District, in recently polls. We'll  update once we learn the results.


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  • 6/9/2010 2:43 PM J Hamilton wrote:
    I did not hear any actual proof of Eric's driving while intoxicated in the accident that killed two people...only assumptions which are not valid enough for me. I can relate to the seriousness of the situation and feel deep sorrow for the family of the victims however trying to spin the results of this accident won't bring back the McCulloughs. Eric was 16 yrs old and only had his license for ONE month. He lacked experience and made an extremely bad call on judgement, one I'm sure he'll never forget. I, myself, would not have let a child of mine make a drive that far from home under those circumstances although I don't really know if Eric was actually allowed to do so or just did so. I've raised 4 children and would never underestimate the potential of any child. And with living under the limelight and pressures of being a candidate's child would not be easy either thus causing much rebellion. Instead of trying to disgrace Brandstad for something his child has done perhaps we should be looking at his own past record. Just a thought though.
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    1. 12/1/2010 9:45 PM jon wrote:
      he was talking about branstads record, his record includes getting his son out of trouble numerous times, including vehicular manslaughter. Which to me is an abuse of power.
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    2. 2/4/2011 3:49 PM Nicole E wrote:
      I agree that there wasn't any actual proof of alcohol involved - just a ton of inexperience. As far as the future arrests of drug and alcohol abuse: maybe that was the only way he could "self medicate" away the pain and self-loathing of knowing that his stupid actions claimed the lives of two people. That would be a huge burden for anyone to bear.
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    3. 2/5/2011 7:26 AM Randy wrote:
      No Alcohol or Drug tests were given,, Which I believe are required in any accident resulting in death, if it isn't it should be.
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      1. 1/8/2013 8:45 PM Tricia MIlls-Roberts wrote:
        As one of Jean and Charles McCullough's granddaughters there were several test on Eric Branstand and when Eric woke up he was told to act like he didn't know what had happened and for your information there was several test done that provided the correct information on what he had in his system, but every time my family would try to have things investigated even farther they would get bought off or was unable to work for us. ANy other questions. The kid killed 2 people and got away with a $15 dollar illegal passing fine. But 2 weeks later 18 year old kid kills 4 people and gets 4 counts of vehicular manslaughter.He didn't stop there he was in trouble several times and got away with many things. I hope I meet him, one day face to face. He is a disgrace, he is not a man. I cant beleive some people.
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        1. 7/4/2013 4:14 AM Practicalnomad wrote:
          Tricia: I am "so very sorry" for the unnecessary loss of your Grandparents. I just read this article and it's unbelievable what this kid "Eric" got away with! Obviously he is incapable of remorse, attempting to buy alcohol with a fake ID just two years after is proof of that. While your Grandfather was in critical condition, Eric was airlifted before him? This seems like medical malpractice to me. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and the Father seems just as despicable, using the campaign to register the vehicle Eric drove. Eric is obviously a repeat offender and should be behind bars! It appears he received DUI's later on and was involved with drugs as well? I would tend to think there'd be numerous illegal activities if Terry Branstad were ever investigated. It's hard to believe your state would vote in favor of this man. Once again, our deepest sympathy for the loss of your Grandparents, it is so very sad and our hearts go out to you and your family. Based on what I've read in this article, Eric committed murder and should be behind bars for life.
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    4. 3/27/2013 8:57 AM Robert wrote:
      Wow, wearing those political rose colored glasses again? This will sum up Branstad's past record. He has let his son, literally, get away with murder, when your kid or mine, would have been charged with a serious felonioous crime (NOT a misdemeanor) and throw in prison. What does that tell you about Mr. Brantad, and his character? Come on. Get real. How naive can some folks be? Unreal how foolish and ignorant some people are.
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    5. 12/25/2013 6:41 AM stp wrote:
      I know for sure that it was a cover up. The Iowa State patrol officers responsible for investigating accident were promoted shortly after. Mercy Hospital was involved in cover up.
      Brastad goes to St. Augustin
      Catholic Church...42nd and Grand...and though his relationship with the then parish preist was able to influence the hospitals test results for alcohol. The hospital recieved a huge donation from the Ruan Family (also go to St.Augustine) soon after to build new wing.My info comes from a family member that was very close to Branstad
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  • 6/9/2010 6:42 PM level headed wrote:
    This article is suggesting that Eric should have been considered for the death penalty. There has to be absolute evidence of guilt before the death penalty will even be considered. There was no proof that the young Branstad suffered from anything but lack of experience in driving. It is a horrible thing when innocent people's lives are ended so needlessly, but to suggest that there is similarity between this case and cases that deserve the death penalty is just wrong. MANY teens that have been given "second chances" have gone on to repeat their mistakes. Usually, depending on the amount of support they have at home, the judges do all they can to return them to the care of their families. Much like being a pastor's kid, being in the limelight and expected to excell takes its toll. It is disappointing, sad that he chose the path he did, but not surprising. There are MANY repeat offenders out on the streets that don't have Terry Branstad as their dad. This is more about finding better ways to get teens on the right path than it is about anything Terry Branstad did wrong. I am not necessarily in agreement or support of all that Mr. Branstad stands for, but digging up a story this old and using it to slander him in the midst of a campaign is just childishly bad politics!!
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    1. 12/17/2012 10:57 AM KayCee wrote:
      Um... no, it's not!! People wonder why politics are out of control and certainly out of our hands.. and it is because we allow shit like this to go as though we never even noticed it! NO WONDER this country is in shambles!!
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  • 6/10/2010 6:51 AM Julie wrote:
    This article in no way is suggesting Eric should have been given the death penalty. What it shows is how Terry had no problem suggesting cracking down on other people's children while his got let off time after time....after time. There WERE witnesses who saw him at a party in Granger that night, and look at his pattern of behavior after the accident? If you still don't believe he was drunk, you're living in a cave. It was never proven, because there was no blood test given to Eric. What other Iowa citizen would've been given such preferential treatment? No blood test given, air lifted before the seriously injured, and a $15 slap on the wrist after obviously acting recklessly at the least. Come on, people! Wake up! If Terry Branstad had one once of class or dignity, he would've insisted his son face the consequences of his actions, instead of trying to cover them up. I truly believe this would've been better for everyone involved, including Eric. But instead, Mr. Branstad put his political image first, and that's what comes to my mind now that he's running again. What other rules will he bend for his benefit? A person's character must be considered thoroughly before giving them a responsibility as big as running a state. I think Branstad has proved his poor character...time and time again.
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  • 6/11/2010 9:42 AM Jessie wrote:
    I agree with Julie. Extremely poor character. His son is largely behind his re-election and I'm just shocked at their obtuseness in thinking no one will remember this. My hope is that people will remember very soon and squash his bid. Times like this make me wish I still lived in Iowa.
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    1. 10/7/2010 2:33 AM james wrote:
      hopefully people will remember it, i met a guy who was friends with his kid eric, they were in a car and branstads kid was driving and they were drinking, his son didnt have a license at the time and cop pulled them over, well branstads kid got out the car told the cop you know who my dad is if you value your job you will drive away the cop wanted to keep his job so he drove away and they went to branstads house and his son told him what happened and the cop still got fired
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  • 6/12/2010 7:49 AM Larry wrote:
    Thats pretty obvious that the kid made a bad decision. Why was he allowed to drive at 16 years old when his parents where in Seattle? Why was he allowed access to a vehicle even? Why was it registered to a political organization? Branstad is responsible for the kids actions one way or the other. Typical right wing bs about family values, morals and personal responsibilty. It does not apply to themselves. If you do not think this kid was given preferential treatment because of his daddy's status you are an idiot.
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  • 6/15/2010 9:38 AM level headed wrote:
    I didn't say he wasn't drunk. I said there is no existing proof that he was drunk and that's all the law has to go by. The other point I feel needs to be made is that Eric being let off is not an isolated or a special case because his father was governor. Many youths are let off in hopes that their parents can find other avenues of helping them make better choices. Few judges want to see young people removed from their families and have permanent charges on their "record". Sometimes that is for the best and other times it is tragic. To blame Terry for all of this is again, just bad politics.
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    1. 10/19/2010 4:00 AM Juan wrote:
      How about a blood test?? this only applied to non-sate relatives??
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  • 6/15/2010 10:10 AM J Hamilton wrote:
    I'm with "level headed". Blaming Terry for what his child did (regardless of who should be held accountable after the fact)is just bad politics. And calling me an idiot for not thinking that Eric was given preferential treatment doesn't say much for you either. First of all, you are wrong as I DO believe there was preferential treatment involved naturally because that is just the way life is. In every aspect of life it normally boils down to "who you know" with most things. But that doesn't mean that Terry should be punished for being who he is. He was just trying to help his child in bad times the same way anybody else would. He was using the tools he had at his disposal. All I can say is if this is the worst thing that you can dig up on Branstad than I'm still voting for him.
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    1. 6/16/2010 10:52 PM LarryBranstad wrote:
      Bad politics??
      I AM blaming Branstad for what his son did. Branstad is out of state and does not provide supervision of his 16 year old. He is responsible-end of story. You are responsible for your child until they are 18. He lets the kid drive a van registered to his reelection campaign and then the kid drives like a moron and kills two people. What was his sentence? A $15 fine. If your kid did this Branstad's plan is to throw the book at him. But not Branstad Jr.He knows someone. This wasn't a case of daddy getting junior a job at the sale barn. The kid got away with killing two people. I changed my mind-you are a fucking idiot.
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  • 7/4/2010 9:41 PM Clemmie wrote:
    I agree with Julie and Larry - His son did receive preferential treatment. He basically got a slap on the wrist for killing 2 people! He could have waited to be sent to the hospital and let the more critically injured go first. I remember the 18 year old who got slapped with 4 counts of vehicular homicide as a result of his accident.
    Iowa will not be better off with him as Governor!!
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  • 8/15/2010 9:41 AM Chopswell wrote:
    On voting for this article, I chose "Liked," simply because it is a reminder of how politicians count on the 'people' having such short memories. Well I for one, sure haven't forgotten any of this. And now, "little" Eric is such a staunch supporter of his daddy running again for governor. It's like ripping a scab off an unhealed wound.

    This kid had BLATANT preferential treatment both during and after his daddy's tenure as governor. The fact that this spoiled little brat never gets a sentence; never gets anything more than a slap on the wrist whencompared to other, similar, yet unentitled offenders, is more of a SLAP to us Iowan's who are now being presented with Braindead as our one option of Culver this fall.

    Then, to further add insult to our short memories, he chooses Kim Reynolds from Osceola as his running mate. As you recall, she has a hard time keeping her lips off a....BOTTLE, too. 2 DUI convictions; 1999 and 2000. Oh...but she's "SOBER and has been for 8 years!!!" Like that really matters.

    What matters here is Braindead is a hypocrite. He insults the integrity of us average Iowan's who have paid his wages and continue with his pension (and now his campaign funding now that he was won a preliminary election).

    I would personally say it's not too late to "PUNISH" Eric Branstad. I think a great idea would be to making him serve so many YEARS as an alcohol abuse counselor for teens (making sure he, himself is SOBER). And $200,000 to that "older couple's" family is simply another INSULT.

    I have read thecomments above and find it a shame there are those of you who SUPPORT Braindead and EXCUSE the actions of his PRIVILEGED son. You all would definitely feel 180-degrees different if your son was involved in a similar accident and o'le Terry was pushing for the DEATH OF YOUR CHILD!!!!

    Fk Braindead and his family. I sure as hell am not going to vote for this hypocrite. He paved the way for a lot of other b.s. you rarely hear about. "Monsanto." That's a big one. How about "Pioneer?" O yeah. BIG CORPORATE AG-BUSINESS. Subsidies. Corn basically put in EVERYTHING.

    A winning governor would be one who would put a stop to the lawsuit threats of giant corporate ag-businesses and fight to bring back the family farms. It's unfortunate though. That damage has already been done. (farms sold or lost through lawsuits and now corporate owned).

    Wake up, SHEEPLE!!! You are being led to slaughter by a wolf....dressed as a WOLF! He isn't even wearing a disguise! He's counting on you forgetting what a godam'd WOLF LOOKS LIKE!!!!
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  • 8/15/2010 11:09 AM rbudzz wrote:
    our votes don't really count proof is the fact that braindead supposedly won over Vandurplatt no one wants this asshole but we get that turd shuved down our throats.
    if they were my family well i hate to think what i would done so you get the murder branstat or the gay lover culver man what a pile of dung
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    1. 1/8/2011 3:52 AM BJ wrote:
      I know this should be about Branstad, but to rbudzz: I am guessing you supported Vander Plaat and his demands to oust the Iowa Supreme Court Judges. If that be the case, I would like to thank you and the other uninformed hill-billies of Iowa and let you know, the "activist judges of Iowa" were some of the first to: Integrate Schools, Allow Women lawyers to the state bar, ruled in favor of a black woman who was kicked from the dining room of a steam boat due to her color (91 years before the US Supreme court did the same), Protect newspaper rights to publish negative reviews AND the Anti-miscegenation laws against marriage of blacks and white repealed in 1851... our Constitution and Bill of Rights start out: “All men and women are, by nature, free and equal…”

      By Law, the Iowa Supreme Court had to rule that banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional and must uphold that ruling UNTIL the constitution is changed.

      Bcome an informed and educated citizen of this country or sit in the background and keep silent.
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  • 9/25/2010 10:03 PM Nancy Gold wrote:
    It isn't that anyone is trying to disgrace Branstad for something his son did. It is about Branstad using his power to keep his son out of prison and keep him from having charges against him that my child would have had to face. It is abuse of power.
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  • 10/13/2010 11:39 AM Chopswell wrote:
    Thing that pisses me off the most is we get just TWO choices. Dumb or Dumber. When can we get a political voice that accurately represents the majority of Iowans? I'd run, but OH NO! I have an arrest history from 28 years ago when I was busted with < 1 oz. of some really good herbs. (and yes...I DID inhale!--still do!) I'd certainly be pushing for medical legalization and supporting new businesses in the "GREEN" (bud) INDUSTRY! WRITE IN CHOPSWELL for 2010! (lol)
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  • 10/20/2010 2:00 PM Jerry wrote:
    Amen finally somecommon sense like the graphic language am surprised this hasnt hit the tv yet what's wrong with the media terry got your tongue???
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  • 10/25/2010 5:23 PM Barb Holman wrote:
    Well then let's just all give every 16 yr old that goes out and commits vehicular manslaughter a mulligan due to their inexperience with driving under the influence. Accountability... Did young Mr. Brandstad EVER apologize to those parents?
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  • 11/7/2010 8:57 AM Alwayshere wrote:
    I remember how saddened the victims family was and how their son fought for justice never received. Its amazing how this goes on and on generation after generation. The redneck folk just want their own kind in office. And the people who fail to read up on the past of the person running for public office is no excuse either. I am sure his drunk/drug/driving days are not behind him, maybe father and son will go head to head on 235 someday and do us all a favor?
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  • 12/17/2010 7:14 AM Amy Williams wrote:
    just a mom i have a son who was facing 15 years for driving drunk , he had his little girl with him and he hit a van noone was killed but was hurt i thank god everyday no one was killed that was in 2008 on january 29 2010 he was convicet to 5 years in prison for this his first offense dont understand why some people get off and others pay do they pay for the ones that have polotics and money behind them i thought the justice system was for everyone no matter what your name is so my son is away from his 2 kids and his family for at least 2 and a half years the board of parole says this is a serious crime so if thats the case i think everyone deserves the same punishment not a pick and choose game my son has been in 1 year and got denied parole because the seriouness of the charge can u say first offense and NO ONE DIED if it had been a semi around the corner i would have buried my son and granddaughter so yes he should have got something for this to wake him up but 5 years WHY NOT A SLAP ON THE HAND FOR HIM guess no acholol test was given and its to late now but to continually get picked up for all this and nothing happen MAKES U QUESTION OUR WONDERFUL JUSTICE SYSTEM so take office in january and i will be on your doorstep to see what can be done for my son after serving time in prison he made a mistake that nite its not like he got up that morning and said god i want to hit someone tonite and hurt them how many people can say they never have got behind the wheel of a vehicle drinking just one which puts u over the leal limit i cant he has 2 kids who need him and try to explain the justice system to them when i dont understand it my son needed a wake up call but 5 years in prison guess the system needed to set an example or needed the money hes a good kid made a horrible mistake but everyone survived that is the main thing so justice bah humbug i have no faith in our system
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    1. 7/17/2013 11:23 PM m l wrote:
      I stumbled across your comments from an article about Branstads sons wreck. I am so sorry that life is not fair, or less than fair. I wish you and your family the best.
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  • 1/28/2011 9:27 PM Dad wrote:
    How stupid the people of Iowa are, or they have no memorie at all. Most folks in this state who face the same situation spend time prison, alcohol is not required. This is merely another diverison to get people away form the main point.......Terry Brainstand abused his power to keep his irresponsible prodigy from being punished as any other citizen of the state would be. Would you expect more after reading his record? And now we either have to impeach the liar, or live with his decit for another 4 years. As for the republican loyal, it less than a month into his "new reign" and he is already breaking campaign promises..............I guess rose colored glasses last forever.
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  • 3/10/2011 1:06 AM truth wrote:
    my friends (years ago ) mother new a nurse at the time the son was in the hospital says the kid was wacked out of his mind with booze . another a cop from the scene told some one who told a hundred other people who told me 16 beer cans were strewn about . lastly the son of the dead couple told me personally he has a tape from back then vhs with a deputy admitting on the tape that the kid was had been drinking but would not be charged because then he would have to face manslaughter charges the son of the deceased also said he was threatened by law enforcement back then for making waves yes people we live in a duel world the rich as Jesus said oppress you wake up as for the 200000 well the son claims he never got one dime to scared to sue of coarse this is all old news now and look who rules over us it took a small army of people to cover this up many out of fear again the world we live in
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  • 3/24/2011 12:31 PM Kaiser Sose wrote:
    You are so far off on the Eric Branstad story it not even response worthy, other then to set the record straight. Truth – Passed a car and was involved in a fatal head on crash. Truth – Couple in other car passed away. FICTION – Eric Branstad was under any influence when the accident occured blood tests at Methodist medical center proved this. Fiction – Lightly investigated.

    Eric Branstad was 16 years old and had a license for about 2 months when this accident occured. Per Iowa Courts Record search – Eric Branstad has ONE OWI but nearly 10 years after the event.

    This is one of the worst written and poorly researched crappy blog entries I have ever read. Sounds like a lot of Big labor dems are very scared of a Branstadcomeback and the very thought of it makes them lash out in slanderous unsubstanciated attacks on Branstad’s family. (A tactic proven not to work)
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    1. 4/3/2011 2:13 AM cadzookz wrote:
      You are either an idiot
      or a republican.

      Choose one
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    2. 12/12/2012 2:04 PM TERI SUE wrote:
      I bet an idiot and a Republican, they kind of go hand in hand. I think Branstad was only re-elected because Culver was governor at the wrong time, the smokers rose up against the poor guy!
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    3. 3/7/2013 9:28 PM Karen wrote:
      What the blogger wrote is pretty much what my son--who personnaly
      knew Eric--told me. Eric would show up drunk at underage parties--where alcohol was NOT being consumed--and then be ignored after which he would leave.
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  • 7/22/2011 8:37 AM Eric wrote:
    If the people of the great state of Iowa knew the whole truth about the cover up involving Eric Branstad and some of the other things Terry has been involved in they would puke.
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  • 12/13/2012 8:13 AM Fred Lembke wrote:
    It is too bad the people of the State of Iowa let this incident that amounted to murder slide by. I believe there should be further investigation even though it's been over 20 years. If your son or daughter did this, they would have spent a great deal of time in jail and have their life ruined. Eric seems to have Dad creating political work for him. It is a crock of political crap.
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  • 3/21/2013 1:09 PM Eric Branstad wrote:
    If anyone would like to talk openly and honestly about what happened, please give me a call 515-720-1433 cell. Thank you
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  • 3/28/2013 9:36 AM TM wrote:
    Really, you or your family dont have a honest bone in your body. U killed 2 inacent people and got away with a $15 illegal passing fine and was told to say you didnt remember the accident. Because of you my children never had the chance to have their great grandparents apart of their lives. You robbed my family of so much and yet you go on every day acting like you did nothing wrong your whole family acts like you did nothing wrong. No remorse, nothing and then you continued to do illegal stuff and daddy wiped it all clean for you. Sorry excuse for a man that is what you are.
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