Former Southwest City (MO) Cop Brian Massa Convicted Of Manslaughter


Mr. Bobby Stacy, left, and Brian Massa

CASSVILLE, Mo — Former Southwest City, Missouri cop Brian Massa used to be part of a Facebook group called “I don’t need anger management…you just need to stop pissing me off!!” Massa will now have plenty of time to address his issues behind bars.

A Barry County jury convicted the killer cop of first-degree involuntary manslaughter last Thursday, nearly two years after Massa killed Mr. Bobby Stacy. The defense told the jury that Massa was forced to shoot Mr. Stacy on March 28, 2010 because Stacy “tried to run [Massa] over.” Massa was pursuing Mr. Stacy in a Chevy Suburban he allegedly stole, they said. The chase ended when Stacy crashed the vehicle into a ditch east of Southwest City. Massa said Mr. Stacy tried to “run him over” after he exited his police car, thus was forced to shoot the 26-year-old Stacy.

The dash-cam and body cam on Massa’s uniform told a completely different story. Missouri State Patrol, who led the investigation, also said early on that Massa’s story did not match the evidence. Common sense prevailed with the jury, since the fatal shot hit Mr. Stacy in the back of the head. Evidence showed that all of the shots were fired after Mr. Stacy crashed the vehicle and was disabled and/or while Stacy was fleeing in the SUV.

“It was hard for me to breath [after the verdict was read],” Ms. Claudia Moss, Bobby’s mother, told the OP-NAT EYE. Sources who attended the trial told us that several of Massa’s fellow cops and friends looked “shocked” when the guilty verdict was read. One of those friends, McDonald County Chief Deputy Harvey “Bud” Gow, has a bar-code tatooed in the back of his head like the one Agent 47 from the assassin movies and video games “Hitman.”

Not only does Gow’s tattoo speak to the mentality of law enforcement in McDonald County, but Massa was dating his daughter at the time of the shooting.

We’ve also been told, by an individual who has seen the dash-cam video, that Massa and other cops from Southwest City and the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office can be heard “laughing and joking” while Mr. Stacy lied there dying. The tape also catches Massa saying it took him three tries to kill Mr. Stacy, which prompted another cop (who we’ve been told is Gow) to say “it wouldn’t have taken me that many times.” Massa was asked during the trial if he tried to shoot out the tires to stop the alleged moving vehicle. He responded, “no, we are trained to shoot-and-kill.”

Massa became the first police officer in the state of Missouri to ever be tried and convicted for an on-duty killing. The sentencing is scheduled for January 6. Though Massa faced up to seven years in prison, the jury recommended he serve three.

“I think he should get a lot more than that,” Ms. Moss said. A wrongful death lawsuit is forthcoming.


Southwest City (MO) Police Thug Brian Massa Murders Bobby Stacy (updated 4/15/2010)

Trial Set For Southwest City (MO) Killer Cop Brian Massa (4/5/2011)

Occupy Phoenix: Police Showing Silent Solidarity?

by Brian A. Wilkins

At least 1000 protesters converge on Cesar Chavez Plaza in
Downtown Phoenix Saturday, October 15.

As Occupy Phoenix enters Day #5, protesters have had to make adjustments as far as the location of the occupation. Of course Occupy Phoenix commenced this past Friday, with a march through downtown Phoenix, which included stops at Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and NBC 12.

But then of course, there was Saturday. Occupiers began the day at Cesar Chavez Plaza, which houses several Phoenix city and Maricopa County offices. The crowd was forced by police to move to Margaret T. Hance Park, just north of downtown, because police said the plaza closed at 6pm. Police then said the public park closed at 11pm and all occupants had to leave the area. When protesters refused to relinquish their First Amendment rights to free assembly, police moved in with riot gear and a helicopter, and arrested 45 peaceful people.

Though Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon said if anyone was arrested for participating in Occupy Phoenix, he would show up and be arrested with them. Needless to say, he never showed up. But the OP-NAT EYE has learned that at least 10 of the protesters had the charges of criminal trespassing dropped against them because the arresting officers failed to put their names and badge numbers on the police reports. Since the only witnesses to the “crimes” were the arresting officers, and since there were none identified, the charges had to be dropped. This could very well be a genuine oversight or a silent show of solidarity from police who maybe did not want to arrest people exercising their Constitutional rights. All of the protesters were released from jail within 24 hours, however several of them could not retrieve their confiscated property until Monday and/or today.

Meanwhile, 60 or so protesters camped out on the sidewalks downtown last night, as police are still not allowing people in Cesar Chavez Plaza after 6pm. The sidewalk has a food and water station (complete with pizza, Nutra-Grain bars, and several kinds of potato chips) and even an electrical generation station fot people to charge their cell phones and laptops. The central themes of Occupy Phoenix continue to be repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, anti-corporate corruption, and anti-lobbyist.  

We will continue to bring you coverage of these events as often as possible.

GOP Debate: Herman Cain Flip-Flops; Touts His Upside Down 666 Plan


Herman Cain (L), King Bernanke, and Ron Paul (R).

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Amschel Mayer Rothschild, Federal Reserve Godfather, 1773.

I must first point that I cannot remember a time in my 30-odd years of existence that there were this many debates the year before a U.S. Presidential Election will take place. The one last night at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire was the seventh time we had to endure these G.O.Tea puppet shows in 2011. Ron Paul, R-TX, made it interesting though.

Herman Cain, who is a former Federal Reserve Bank chairman, was asked, by Paul, about his declaring that the Fed does not need to be audited. The following clip is from this past December, when Cain was hosting the nationally-syndicated Neil Boortz show.

But at last night’s debate, Cain changed his tune, saying he does favor an audit, but it is “not his priority.”

For all intents and purposes, the Federal Reserve is the throne of the United States; and the chairman, Ben Bernanke, the current King of the USA. The American Revolution was fought to free the colonies from the Bank of England, the first central bank with exclusive money-printing rights in the USA’s pre-Constitutional history. Though most Americans believe we won the war in October of 1781, renewable 20 year charters for central banks ran by European banksters (mainly the previously quoted Rothschild family) were established thereafter. The permanent foreign central bank charter came in 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed. This legislation gave all money-printing rights and economic regulatory power to foreign billionaires who have absolutely zero genuine interest in the well-being of the United States. And the U.S. government has absolutely no power to dictate anything this foreign central banking syndicate does with our money.

Cutting through all the B.S. we Americans have been indoctrinated with, the truth of the matter is that the USA is run by a foreign monarchy just as it was prior to the American Revolution. Ron Paul has introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to, once and for all, end the monarchy. Herman Cain, like all other U.S. presidents and candidates since JFK, offer only empty, cosmetic solutions to a core problem that must be fixed for our country to be what it’s supposed to be.

It would not be surprising at all if Cain ultimately becomes the GOP candidate for President in 2012 simply because of his affiliation with those who “control the money.” This is also why Obama
does whatever the monarchy tells him to do. He knows if he wants to get re-elected, he must protect the interests of the Federal Reserve, which is the global  monarchy’s most prized possession.

Cain would make for great theater in a potential election with Obama (“black” Democrat v. “black” Republican), and thus great fun for the monarchy. That, and the fact both Obama and Cain are Fed flunkies, it would be a win-win situation for the money changers. Cain still believes Americans are stupid enough to just believe what he says (though sadly, many still do listen to these politicians). As we all know, just like the Federal Reserve artificially and arbitrarily dictates the state of the U.S. economy, they also do so with these 
kangaroo elections in this country.

Paul would at least represent true “change” for our country. Cain simply represents what he openly touts…his upside-down 666 plan, aka, 9-9-9. Or as GOP Candidate Jon Huntsman said, the price of a Godfather’s Pizza.

Tempe Police Chief Tom Ryff Commits Criminal Impersonation To Defraud Resident Eleanor Holguin’s Son

by Brian A. Wilkins

Tom Ryff and his internet boy Justin McHood

“Coolo” cop Tom Ryff will no longer arrest Tempe citizens or place “hazard labels” on them in retaliation for speaking out in public forums about his frat-boy antics. He now will use his new internet cop to smear you and your family online.

A story was published on the Phoenix New Times website on September 12 entitled “Penile Hubris and Meth to Blame For Alleged Tempe Kid-Lurer Joseph Larosa’s Sexual Advances Towards Children?” The story is basically about a pedophile who was arrested for asking little girls if they wanted to see his penis. One of the comments left in the story’s forum by someone named “Seanscloset” includes the email address of Ms. Eleanor Holguin’s son, Sean.

As you may recall, Holguin, a longtime Tempe resident, has been very vocal about Ryff and his malfeasant acts as police chief. The comment left by “Seancloset” is an apparent attempt to insinuate Holguin’s son would be interested in contacting the pedophile in the story. Ms. Holguin immediately responded, as seen above.

“I haven’t done anything at all besides show up at [city] council and I made sure they saw me and I left. This is weird,” Holguin said via email. She confirmed that her son had been with her the entire time the comment was left, thus it definitely was not him who left the comment. So if not him, than who?

“My guess, Cobbs, Ryff and McHood,” Holguin said. Charles Cobbs is an assistant police chief for Ryff. Ryff and his subordinates have been harrassing Ms. Holguin continually since her intial complaints to Tempe City Council. Justin McHood is the webmaster for all the new Tom Ryff websites and presences on the internet which have all popped up in the past 9 months.

McHood, who is not a City of Tempe employee,  but is in the police department almost daily as Ryff’s internet cop, also created the website The website, which depicted Ms. Holguin as some kind of child molesting drug addict, went online February 24, 2011, one day after she spoke in front of Tempe City Council. Ms. Holguin filed a police report on March 7, 2011, naming Ryff and McHood as suspects in creating the website and sending her harrassing emails. The website was taken down the following day.

Now it appears Ms. Holguin has reasonable grounds to file yet another police report. She cited Arizona’s computer tampering law (A.R.S. 13-2316) in the March police report. She can not only use the aforementioned law in the instant case, but also the criminal impersonation statute (A.R.S. 13-2006) which state, “[A] person commits criminal impersonation by…assuming a false identity with the intent to defraud another.” McHood and Ryff have not only assumed a false identity (pretending to be Ms. Holguin’s son), but also insinuated a sexual solicitation to a pedophile in the name of Ms. Holguin’s son. This time, however, she should also approach the State Attorney General and/or the Maricopa County Attorney, in addition to filing charges with the Tempe Police Department. It wouldn’t hurt to contact the United States Attorney in Arizona also, as there is probable cause that Ryff and McHood violated federal criminal civil rights statutes, pursuant to Title 18, U.S.C., Sections 241 and 242. Whether federal or state charges are potentially pursued, both carry prison sentences if Ryff and McHood are found guilty.

We will update this story if any further developments come about.

GAME OVER: Wilkins Habeas Corpus Denied


PHOENIX – Exactly three year and two months later, doing everything possible as a homeless/jobless pro-se petitioner/defendent to see if a U.S. court would uphold the Constitution, it is officially over.

My final brief in Wilkins v. Arizona (CV-10-0443-PHX-JWS(MEA)) was filed last week, which was the objection to U.S. Magistrates recommendation to deny habeas corpus. Granted, I could appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (even though the Magistrate recommends dismissal with prejudice), I have expended enough time and energy proving what I needed too. My other pending federal litigation, Wilkins v. Maricopa County, Joseph Arpaio, et al. (CV-09-1380-LOA) was pending in the Ninth Circuit as of today, awaiting an opening brief from me. However, I will not prosecute the appeal further as again, my point has been proven and I am at peace.

The entirety of my final brief (Objection), which basically is the personal statement I wanted on the court record is copied and pasted below. You may view the /files/111943-104535/RR_Dismissal_habeas.pdf”>here.  Note: the following was written and filed on  September 21, 2011, the same afternoon Mr. Troy Davis was murdered (“lynched”) by the State of Georgia. For more on the Wilkins case (the administrator of this website), please click the “55 Days In Maricopa County Jail” link on the left sidebar under Catergory Archives.

This objection will ultimately be deemed “vituperative,” “conspiracy,”   “paranoid” and/or some other adjectives to minimize the truth herein, and likely will not even be read by Respondent (“Arizona”) nor the Court. Regardless, Petitioner (“Wilkins”) objects to the Report and Recommendation issued by the Court, and will keep this short. The final order from this Court needs to at least include the reality that facts means very little in prosecutions of average citizens (“subjects”). It is well established that U.S. courts are bound by the culture and tradition of viewing all evidence “in the light most favorable to the prosecution,” Jackson v. Virginia, 443 U. S. 307, 319 (1979), regardless of indisputable facts and malice committed by them.
The facts remain that:
1.  The State of Arizona prosecuted the Petitioner on charges which they claim affected “multiple victims.” Once the Petitioner completed the 140+ hours of slave labor U.S. municipalities refer as “community service,” Arizona then admitted there were in fact no victims in this case (see Andrew Thomas, will likely be disbarred by the Arizona Supreme Court for several malicious prosecutions over the past five years.  The State Bar, however, is only taking these realities to heart because the malicious prosecutions involve their own people (county supervisors, county judges, etc.). In other words, it is unconstitutional and unlawful for Andrew Thomas to maliciously prosecute state agents, but perfectly legal and encouraged for him to do so to average subjects to “the state.” The instant case, if nothing else, is now documented precedent of preferential treatment for government/ruling class citizens over all remaining U.S. subjects.

    A few months ago, the United States Supreme Court reversed a $14 million judgment against Louisiana prosecutor Harry Connick, Sr., even though it was clearly established that Connick’s office wantonly and deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence which left an innocent man sitting on death row for 14 years. Connick v. Thompson , 563 U. S. ____ (2011). The goal of U.S. courts is the protection of its prosecutors and the upholding of malicious convictions of unwitting American subjects, regardless of facts and malice by said prosecutors. Americans cannot be called “citizens,” as all rights allegedly enumerated in the U.S. Constitution simply do not apply in real life situation, except of course, absolute immunity for prosecutorial malice and manipulation. See Eleventh Amendment. As Petitioner sits writing this document, a man named Troy Davis will be executed by the State of Georgia in a matter of hours, even though there is no physical evidence tying him to the “murder” the State of Georgia convicted him of. Again, it is not about facts, it is about furthering the U.S. police state and keeping the subjects in line. The U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari of Mr. Davis’ appeal because of some “procedural bar” U.S. courts may invoked whenever and however they choose. Davis v. State, 263 Ga 5, 426 S.E.2d 844, cert. denied, 510 U.S. 950, 114 S. Ct. 396 (1993); Davis v. Terry, 465 F.3d 1249, 1256 (11th Cir. 2006), cert. denied, 127 S. Ct. 3010 (2007). Again, American “subjects” must follow every procedure verbatim and on time, or forever lose that potential slim opportunity at truth setting them free. But again, government agents can violates any and all statutory and procedural guidelines and win their convictions and have them upheld by other (“higher”) courts.

    The Thirteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution did not end slavery; it simply moved it to U.S. courts and prisons. Per said amendment, slavery is illegal unless the slave has been “duly convicted” in a U.S. court. This was the great compromise between Confederate states (and territories, i.e. Arizona) and the Union, which guaranteed slavery would still exist, as long as a “conviction” happened in a U.S. court. This arrangement between U.S. courts, prosecutors, and corporations has made private prison giants Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group two of the most prosperous business in America, despite economic downturn almost everywhere else. This arrangement also got 140+ hours of slave labor by the Petitioner for Maricopa County.

    The Court and Arizona now believe they have won because the Petitioner will endure a life sentence of “felony record,” which is the new Dred Scott, Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857), if you will…rendering millions of Americans third class human chattel. Again, the Thirteenth (and Fourteenth) Amendments overturned Dred Scott and established the “felony class” in lieu of the “slave class.” I do give credit, in that the European imperial empire has kept their chattel stock and convinced a vast majority of Americans this does not exist anymore. It is very clever, especially as Petitioner has read hundreds of denied habeas corpus petitions which judges use any and every possible reason to uphold the “slavery.” However, many of us, including myself, are now not accepting this imperial government as legitimate…only as an occupier which manipulates its human subjects. I am now free, as the answers and truth I’ve sought are now concrete and indisputable. I thank the Court for establishing once and for all that Americans not part of the Ruling elite, are subjects to the state, tenants in their own home, and do not even own our own bodies. “The ownership of all property is in the state; individual so-called ‘ownership’ is only by virtue of the government…and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the state.” Sen. Doc. No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session. All American subjects are listed as “a tenant” in the home they supposedly “own.” An illegitimate government, operating under false premises of freedom and liberty, means Petitioner is a free soul now, despite what “the state” does to impede on that. The truth has set me free.

    Petitioner, again, would just like to thank Arizona courts and U.S. District Courts for their clarification on the issues herein. It is established that facts do no matter in these courts, so despite the Petitioner’s objection to the Thirteenth Amendment slavery agreement the U.S. government made, it will continue unabated. I look forward to reading more of your decisions in the f
uture and educating the masses about the underlying goals of U.S. “justice.”

Submitted this 21th Day of September, 2011.

The Felony Class: U.S. “Justice System” Creates Class Of Serfs (4/27/2011)

“COMET” ELENIN UPDATE: United States Preparing For Martial Law

UPDATED 9/29/2011, 10:51am AZ Time: New “Elenin” Video Says Sept. 30 Is Now “The Day”

I could not verify the claim in the video that, recently, “a man” died after being struck by a meteorite. In fact, there’ve been very few incidents of “death by meteorite” in all of human history. Regardless, here is the video for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATED 9/28/2011, 6:32pm Arizona Time: “Elenin” Passes; Global Ruling Cabal Still In Power

For those hoping for a celestial event to help stimulate the fall of the global European-American-Zionist Empire (my hand is raised), “Comet Elenin” failed to provide it. The “comet,” from (circa) September 26-28, was in the linear configuration with the Sun and Earth which has, without fail, caused major earthquakes to happen across the globe.  The strongest quake yesterday, a magnitude 5.4, happened around 8 a.m. Arizona time in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska (USA). Today, the strongest quake registered in at magnitude 5.6 off the coast of Chile.

It was indeed a very  anti-climactic ending to the “Comet Elenin” story…that is of course if you consider the case closed. Some have speculated that the cult following around “Elenin” was simply duped by false information. Others have speculated “Elenin” was simply conjured hype for the 11/11/2011 release of the movie “Melancholia.”

There are many elements of this story that will continue however. The good which came from this story is that hundreds of thousands of American citizens got together for a healthy questioning of U.S. government, including state-run U.S. media. From a religious apocalypse to an “Illuminati”/HAARP “disaster”/phony “terror attack,” more Americans seem to be waking up to the fact this government and its media lie about everything. Though state-run media downplays the growing American Revolution, its there.

We will continue following this story if anything further and/or of significance occurs.

UPDATED 9/20/2011, 6:45pm Arizona Time: GREAT PHOTO TAKEN IN TEXAS

This photo was taken at about 4:45pm Arizona time by my friend Heather, in Granbury, Texas. Whatever “Elenin” is, meet her right there.

by Brian A. Wilkins

First off, if you have no idea what “Comet” Elenin is or what the hell I’m talking about, click on the following link and scroll down to where it starts at 9/9/2011 (where it says “by Brian A. Wilkins”) and work your way up (it has been updated several times since). NOTE:the page has a lot of information, photos, and videos, so may take about 30 seconds to fully load with broadband and/or DSL.


Now, to the latest. These videos do not lie. All of them were uploaded/shared by our fellow Americans (not state-run media or government). The next linear alignment of “Comet” Elenin, the Sun, and Earth occurs sometime between Monday, Sept. 26 – Wednesday, Sept. 28. Again, if you have no idea what this means, click on the link above, but these videos speak for themselves. FYI, all three videos total about 8 minutes.



As always, we will continue to update until…………..



State-Run U.S. Media Call Approaching Comet Elenin/Earth/Sun Alignment “Terrorism”

UPDATED 9/19/2011: United States Preparing for Martial Law (the videos do not lie folks!)

UPDATED 9/19/2011: Many World Leaders In Recess (or in Denver, CO) Sept. 26-28, the next Elenin Alignment

We must first allow that the update below (9/15/2011) regarding President Obama being ordered to a bunker by the U.S. Military on Sept. 27 can be taken with a grain of salt (but not totally discounted). The reporter who broke the story, Sorcha Faal, is known around the internet to disseminate misinformation. However, the report by “Faal” is now becoming more credible.

The United Nation has no scheduled meetings or agenda items between Sept. 23 – Oct. 10. Parliament in the United Kingdom is in recess from Sept. 15 – Oct. 10. And the U.S. Congress, after “coincidentally” being in recess during the nuking of two underground civilizations for the Ruling Cabal (which they called “earthquakes” in Washington, DC and Denver) in late August, is also in recess (again) from Sept. 26 – Oct. 2. German President Christian Wulff also has an empty schedule after Sept. 25.

“Coincidentally,” there are also several conferences being held for large corporations and government agencies in Denver between Sept. 26 – 28. These include, among others, a Homeland Security Symposium and a Coca Cola Company Symposium.

Meanwhile, two category 6.0+ earthquakes struck off the east coast of Honshu, Japan this past Friday within hours of one another, and got almost zero media coverage. Around 7 a.m. Arizona time yesterday, a magnitude 6.9 quake struck Sikkim, India.

And it would be disingenuous not to mention that Palestine will get non-member statehood from the UN General Assembly right before said assembly goes into recess, which of course will cause the U.S. government and Israel to go into a hyper-hissy fit, and we’ll likely see yet another phony terror attack on American soil to scare the sheeple into hating Muslims even more and as a phony cause for wartime conditions.

Get your boots ready folks! Learn how to construct a solar still; learn how to shoot a slingshot; etc. The writing is on the wall in my opinion. Again, we’ll keep updating until…..

UPDATED 9/15/2011, 2:55p.m. Arizona Time: Major Category 7.3 Earthquake Hits Fiji; 5.1 Earthquake Hits South Sandwich Islands; Breaktaking Photos of a CME

As expected, a 7.0+ quake did strike within the Ring of Fire, but it was not in California (yet).

The 7.3 quake in Fiji – about 2800 miles (4500 kilometers) east of Australia, happened around 12:30 p.m. Arizona time. Of course, state-run “mainstream” media have not said a peep about it. Though a 5.1 quake struck the South Sandwick Islands, the cluster of of island on the southern tip of South America, nobody (especially me) really cares because no real people are from there, nor live there…just British imperial scientists and military personnel.

I found some excellent pictures from the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that happened on September 9, which is the cause of the blackouts occurred in Arizona, California, and parts of northern Mexico on that same day.

Photos taken by © Frank Olsen in TromsØ, Norway Sept. 9.

UPDATED 9/15/2011, 2:45 a.m. Arizona Time: 3 Magnitude 6.0 Earthquakes Strike Within One Hour of One Another

Reported by “America’s most trusted network,” a magnitude 6.0 quake hit between Cuba and Jamaica; 45 minutes earlier, a Magnitude 6.0 hit off the coast of Japan; and 7 minutes before that one, a 6.0 quake hit New Zealand. Here we go people!

UPDATED 9/15/2011: President Obama Ordered To Underground Denver Bunker By U.S. Military on Sept. 27; Magnitude 4.2 Quake Hits Southern California

I’ve been trying really hard for the past few days to convince myself that “Comet” Elenin is nothing to worry about, but today’s update has placed the proverbial writing on the wall.

General Alexey Maslov, of Russia, released a report stating that the U.S. government informed him of an upcoming DEFCON1 maximum readiness alert drill on September 27, which President Obama will “oversee” at the government bunker located beneath the Denver International Airport (scroll down for the Jesse Ventura report on this bunker). Of course, September 26-28 is when “Comet” Elenin will be aligned in a linear configuration with the Sun and Earth; each time of which, a major earthquake happened (scroll down for more info). Denver also happens to be the headquarters of the domestic division of the CIA (isn’t that an oxymoron?).This alignment, of course, is different from the others, since Elenin will be closer to Earth than it had been in any of the previous ones…thus nobody really knows what may happen (again, scroll down for more).

Meanwhile, a category 4.2 earthquake struck Southern California yesterday. If this was the 188 day cycle earthquake (see below…again), than it can be considered a “dud.” But as of publishing of this update (0136 Arizona Time), there are still 23 hours left in the day. Media coverage, especially by state-run giants CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, was virtually non-existent.

We’ll keep updating until……..

UPDATED 9/13/2011: “Comet” Elenin Censored On Google Sky

The last coordinates I obtained for the position (about 12 hours ago) of “Comet” Elenin in the sky were 13h 57m 4.0s -8degrees 51′ 48.1.” Here is an image from Google Sky around those coordinates (and with infrared activated).

This just seems really bush league and juvenile for Google to do, but I guess when they and all other state-run media naturally want to control what we can and cannot see, read, watch and/or listen to, they’ll do so.

Meanwhile, as two major dates approach (see below), there is a buzz online that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) – which is a U.S. military war weapon capable of engineering fierce tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather phenomena – may simply make some of these things happen in the near future. This would not be a first for HAARP, and I suggest those who know nothing about it do their own research, but here is a good start.

UPDATED 9/10/2011, 8:17pm PST:

The diagram below (scroll down) regarding the fact there were 188 days between each of the major earthquakes in Chile on February 27, 2010; and in Christchurch, New Zealand on September 4, 2010; and in Sendai, Japan on March 11, 2011…

If the clockwise parralelogram pattern, along with the 188 day pattern continue, northern California will get hit on Thursday, September 15. But the number 188 have significance for Christians as well.

The book of Revelations in the Holy Bible has 404 total verses. Revelations 11:13 is,coincidentally or otherwise, the 188th verse of Revelations, and reads: In that day there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell. Seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

UPDATED 9/9/2011, 7:22pm PST: 

Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake
hits Auckland Islands area of New Zealand. Again, no news coverage.

UPDATED 9/9/2011, 4:49pm PST: 

Magnitude 4.3 Earthquake Hits Germany and Netherlands. Not much news coverage of it.

UPDATED 9/9/2011, 1:54pm PST:  

Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Hits Vancouver, Canada.

Meanwhile, several reports indicate that the Sun’s gravitational pull may have slowed Elenin down, which may push perihelion (see below) to September 14 instead of September 11.

by Brian A. Wilkins

From L-R, CNN, Fox News, and Yahoo! use fearmongering techniques to distract Americans from truth.

This article must be prefaced with the fact that I am not a scientist, nor do I claim to be an expert in astrophysics or astromomy. One thing I do boast, however, is common sense, which is all anyone reading this will need to draw their own conclusions on the inevitable upcoming events we as a species have to face.

There were four major occurrences yesterday state-run U.S. media made the stories du jour: the first game of the NFL season, President Barack Obama’s job’s speechblackouts in Arizona, California, and Mexico; and of course the “terror threat” they created and are disseminating. Football and the Ruling Class’s political minstrel show captivated most of the country, except of course those who had (and still have) no electricity in California and Arizona.

Several U.S. media outlets inserted the words “terrorism” or “terror threat” whether in print or on television when referring to said blackouts. Once this seed was planted, state-run media executed its agenda (Islamophobia and fearmongering) and told Americans a “terrorist attack” is likely to happen this coming Sunday. But pseudo-terrorism is the least of our problems to come. We’ll get back to the blackouts shortly.

Most of you (because state-run media are clever) have probably never heard of Elenin. It was December 10, 2010 when Russian optician and amateur astronomer Leonid Elenin discovered a celestial object about 4 astronomical units (one AU = about 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers) away from Earth, which became known as C/2010 X1, or Comet Elenin.

Leonid Elenin

Though there is no actual evidence of this, speculation persists that Mr. Elenin does not really exist and was created out of thin air by the global Ruling Class. It is, however, unusual, quite intriguing, and crazy coincidental that in the 1998 movie “Deep Impact,” not only is the discoverer of the fictional movie comet named “Leo,” but the U.S. government referred to the comet as an ELE (extinction level event) in the movie (along with several other crazy similarities…even down to predicting the “BLACK” president).

As of publishing, Elenin is now only .754 AU from Earth, or about 270 million miles closer than it was when initially discovered 10 months ago (though I’m fairly positive the Ruling Class has known about Elenin for much longer than that). Elenin and its orbit have been hot topics of discussion for those seeking truth and for those who study the Mayan calendar and other 2012 prophecies. In order to understand Elenin and the impact it WILL have on Earth and humanity, let’s first look at the Mayan Pyramid of Consciousness and get a general understanding of it.

This diagram may look daunting at first, but is actually quite simple to read. This diagram represents what real life Mayan pyramids look like, such as this one known as Chichen Itza, located in the Yucatan Peninsula in modern day Mexico.

The nine steps on this 5000+ year old structure each represent a level of human consciousness. For instance the Cellular Cycle (the first/bottom level) took humanity (or our cellular structure) 16.4 billion years from start (Big Bang) to finish (fruition) to master said level of consciousness. Each stage is divided into 13 equal, alternating dark and light stages which all mark a subtle change in human consciousness. In other words, every 1.2 billion years (16.4 billion divided by 13), cells which would become humans became more conscious and aware. As we move up the pyramid, each stage speeds up by 20 times. As you can see, in our current (and last) stage of consciousness (the Universal Co-Creation Stage), there are only 234 days in it; divided by 13 and human consciousness is, in 2011, now evolving every 18 days, until the end of the calendar on October 28, 2011…well before all the better known December 21, 2012 “end of the world” theories. If you want more information on the Pyramid of Consciousness, please watch this video (which I highly recommend).

Now back to “comet” Elenin and the blackouts. Yesterday at 15:46 Universal Time (7:46 a.m. Pacific), sunspot 1283 (as NASA calls it) unleashed an M6-class solar flare and accompanying CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). Solar flares are classified as A (weakest), B, C, M, or X (strongest) and from levels 1-9. The CME, which was unleashed in the direction of Earth yesterday, caused a geomagnetic storm (disturbance in the Earth’s magnetosphere) which have a history of knocking out power. On March 13, 1989, a geomagnetic storm caused by a CME resulted in a nine-hour blackout in most of Montreal, Quebec and several power companies in the United States experienced minor disruptions that day as well.

Ok, I know this is getting a little “sciency,” but follow along. The perihelion of Elenin (when it reaches its nearest point to the sun) is, surprise, on September 11, 2011. In the last four days, sunspot 1283 has been so active that scientists have begun calling it “old faithful,” after the geyser in Yellowstone Park which spouts off reliably round the clock. The CMEs will continue and get stronger until the perihelion…thus power outages and other processes effected by electrical current will continue for at least the next week, peaking in intensity on 9/11.

The official explanation regarding the blackout in California/Arizona/Mexico is the outage was “likely caused by an employee removing a piece of monitoring equipment that was causing problems at a power substation in southwest Arizona.” This apparently is the best the Ruling Class could come up with, in order to preserve their “terrorism” desires for the next outage or other disruption, which will inevitably happen between now and 9/11.

The 12th of the 13 equal dark and light stages of our current level of consciousness begins on September 23, 2011 (the final dark stage). On September 26, 2011*, not only will Elenin be directly between the Sun and Earth for the first time ever, but Mercury, the Sun, Earth, and Elenin will all be perfectly aligned in a straight line.

From Java Applet provided by NASA.

Note: the Sun is the red dot in the middle. So why is this alignment significant? First of all, from a biblical standpoint, Elenin and its tail (trail) will obstruct light from the Sun to the Earth for at least THREE DAYS (similar to an eclipse). Catholics and some other Christians believe that God will punish the world for its idolatry with three days of darkness, which will precede the end of time. Anyone who leaves their home during this darkness will die on the spot, according to the apocalyptic tradition.

But secondly, and more empirical, whenever Elenin, the Sun, and Earth have aligned, massive earthquakes have happened. On February 27, 2010, said alignment also happened.

On this same day, Chile was rocked by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. The next alignment happened on September 4, 2010.

On this same day, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand.

March 9, 2011 marked the beginning of the final stage of consciousness on the Mayan calen
dar (see above). Coincidentally or otherwise, March 11 would see another alignment and guess what….

I think we all remember Japan and the 9.0 magnitude earthquake pretty well. Interestingly, the New Zealand earthquake happened exactly 188 days after Chile; and the Japan earthquake exactly 188 days after New Zealand. I will let the image below speak for itself.

If the clockwise and 188-day patterns stay true, it appears California is next. The only item which may weaken the argument for an earthquake in California on September 15 is that the next alignment will not happen until September 26.

The madness does not end there. Elenin will reach its “Earth perihelion” (closest point to Earth) on October 16, 2011, when it will be only .234 AU away (about 21,800,000 miles or about 35 million kilometers)…or about 14 million miles closer than Mars ever gets to Earth. The truth is, nobody really even knows what Elenin is. It is called a “comet” but some believe it may be a brown dwarf star. Others believe it is a 10th planet called Nibiru which is said to come into our solar system every 3600 years. If Elenin is simply a small comet a few miles in diameter, it should not effect Earth too much when it reaches its closest distance. But if it is anything bigger (which we’ll all know very soon), the gravitational pull could cause disturbances unknown to all of us.

It is convenient for the U.S. government (Ruling Class) to invoke the “terrorism” card in a time which it seems inevitable that humanity will experience dramatic change in the next seven weeks. Hypothetically, if power outages, floods, earthquakes, and darkness all happen simultaneously and repeatedly over the next few weeks, it will be the first time a vast majority of Americans will have to check their materialism at the door. When the day comes that you cannot flip a switch for light, turn on a faucet for water, or go to the supermarket for food, it will finally force humanity to re-connect with Earth and one another; find a deeper purpose besides a house, car, and job; and love one another in the face of real global crisis. Those who are too fearful to do so will become the slaves of the Ruling Class who will promise them food, jobs, and shelter if they submit to them. As I wrote about last week, it is common knowledge that the Ruling Class already have underground bunkers which they will retreat too in the face of societal unrest; and re-emerge as “saviors” to the rest of us. Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura also covered this phenomenon.

Rest assured there is no “Muslim terror threat” at all, contrary to the fearmongering tactics the U.S. government is using. The Ruling Class hates Muslim and wants to wipe them all out, thus will use these upcoming events to their evil advantage. Americans are still 80 percent sheep and will believe anything this state-run media tell them.

I’m not attempting to predict the future, nor am I even necessarily stating any of the above will actually occur. I am, however, presenting facts and evidence to allow you to draw your own  conclusions. Whether you want to accept it or not, a shift in humanity is occuring as we speak and it will change our lives. The fact this government is lying and still playing childish hatemonger politics at a time they should be addressing the issues above, should be all the skeptics need to realize we must trust and love one another. We’ve seen repeatedly what happens when we trust the Ruling Class.

Do whatever you feel is necessary with this information.  I will likely not be blogging for a while for various reasons (including some contained herein). The question we all must ask ourselves is “what defines me?” If the answer is a car, a house, and/or a $100,000/yr job, you likely will not make it through the upcoming seven weeks.

*all dates regarding upcoming events in this article have an error margin of +/- 36-48 hours, due to changing speeds of Elenin as it encounters the gravitational pull of the Sun.

Three Things Must Happen For Ron Paul To Become President

by Brian A. Wilkins
9/1/2011 (updated 9/2/2011)

Republican Presidential Candidate
Ron Paul (TX)

There are many things to like about Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul. He wants to abolish the IRS and Federal Reserve, is anti-imperial invasion of other countries, anti-world military occupation, pro-liberty, pro-Bill of Rights, anti-Reagan-era “war on drugs” and anti-private prison.

Paul introduced a bill in the House of Representatives this past May called the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2011, which would legalize farming and growing one of the most versatile and useful plants on the planet. And the cherry on top on all this, Paul refuses to enroll in the Congressional medical entitlement program, granting any and all former and current Congress people lifetime, premium medical coverage, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. He also seems to be a very likable human being, a rarity among Republicans nowadays, and does not display any Islamophobia.

The are some legitimate red flags with the Texas doctor and 12-term representative. Congressman Paul, who announced he will not run for re-election to the House in order to concentrate on his Presidential bid, supports the Bush tax cuts for the richest Americans. Paul is also known as the “intellectual godfather” of so-called “tea party Republicans,” and is closely aligned with several of said individuals (including his son, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-KY) who held the entire country hostage with a conjured debt crisis, done solely for political reasons. The same GOTea Party who will never allow any tax hikes on Americans (or corporations) making $1 million or more, are looking to increase taxes on the poorest Americans by January 1, 2012.

Congressman Paul is getting the attention of many voters who call themselves independent to the point that state-run media can no longer ignore him like a giant invisible pink elephant at the podium. But three things need to happen for Congress Paul to become President Paul on January 20, 2013.

1) “White” Republican Voters Must Turn In Their Sheep Goggles

The fact of the matter is, Ron Paul cannot become President of the United States unless he is nominated by Republican voters; a vast majority of which are European American. Paul’s voting base is a fanatical group, similar to 2008 Obama voters. Paul can also do no wrong to his most ardent supporters, also similar to 2008 Obama voters.

Though “white” American households will always (without revolution) have far more net worth than “black” and Latino households, the fact is that even the net wealth of that group has dropped during the Bush years and continues to drop with Obama.

Judging from the trends of the above graph, it is safe to assume, in a U.S. economy which has only worsened since 2009, that the median”white” household wealth is likely closer to $103,000 in 2011. As mentioned earlier, “tea party” Congressional Republicans are planning another political stunt, which they will try and force the President to allow the expiration of the one year, 2 percent tax break he gave the poorest Americans on FICA (social security) payroll taxes. The tax rate, if allowed to expire, would go from 4.2 percent of the first $106,800 families earn, to 6.2 percent. This equates to a $2,135 yearly tax increase on working “white” Americans who are worth the current median amount.

Sheep “white” voters will support their “tea party” regardless of the aforementioned.  These same tea party forced our feeble President to extend the Bush tax cuts. This kept the richest 1 percent of Americans’ federal tax rate at 35 percent, instead of increasing it back to 39 percent before Bush. This “wealthfare” also increases the federal deficit. In other words, sheep “white” voters support tax cuts for the rich and free health care for their Congress people, but support neither for themselves…which makes absolutely no sense.

It also makes no sense that “white” voters who are unemployed, without health care and/or have family deployed in a foreign country would support any of the warmongers and corporate apologists who make up the remaining G.O.Tea field. Many of these “white” voters are simply voting for any Republican who will say something derogatory about Obama’s race, about Muslims and/or about Mexicans. The (at least) 50 percent of “white” America plagued by the “we hate this nigger president” disease will only put another warmonger and corporate apologist in the White House to spite “the black guy,” which does none of us any good.

It was President Bush, voted into office twice by “white” America, who spent our social security (about $2 trillion) on invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. These voters must hold their Congressional representatives accountable, vote all their “tea party” 2010 neo-cons out of office, and lead by example in electing Paul-like Libertarian Republicans. The gesture alone would go a long way in convincing “black” and Latino sheep that we are all in this together.

2) “Black” and Latino Democratic Voters Must Turn In Their Sheep Goggles

And speaking of those “black” and Latino sheep…well, let’s address these separately.
It will be a difficult task to convince Latinos not to vote for Obama, simply because a vast majority of illegal immigrants in the USA are from Mexico and Central America, and Obama specifically caters to said immigrants. The White House announced two weeks ago that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) will review
deportation proceedings of some 300,000 individuals caught in the country without a visa or work permit, effectively halting all such proceedings. Obama is also an open and ardent supporter of a congressional proposition known as the DREAM Act. It would grant permanent residency to non-citizens who have been living in the United States without a visa or work permit. It is also clear that many Republicans don’t even view Latinos as humans, referring to their children as “anchor babies” and “terror babies,” so you’d be hard pressed to convince the average Latino/a to vote Republican.

These latter factors also pertain to “black” Democratic voters. No matter how many Alan West’s or Michael Steele’s come out of the wood work, and no matter what Republicans say, their actions will always speak louder.

It is obvious that Republican = Confederacy not only based on the 2008 Presidential Electoral Map, but also Texas Governor and 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Rick Perry speaking about his state seceding from the Union, only a couple months after Obama was inaugurated.

Photo from

Since Obama had only been in office for three months when Perry spoke of secession, there had been no policies enacted nor actions by Obama which could anger Perry to the point of talking about Civil War II. Thus, the only reason he would say this, is to secede from a “black” President.

Regardless, the sheep mentality with “black” Americans and the Democratic shepherds is scary beyond belief. Here is a prominent list of Democrats since “black” Americans began voting for them en masse during and after President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s:

Strom Thurmond, “Dixiecrat” from South Carolina (who also fathered a “black” child when he had sex with a 16-year-old “black” girl when he was 22):

U.S. Senator and radical Christian terrorist Robert Byrd, D-West Virginia, who was part of the terror group KKK, once told U.S. Senator and proud “racist” Theodore Bilbo, D-Mississippi, “I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels.”

Though former Democratic President Bill Clinton gets a lot of positive vibes and reviews from the “black” community, this guy signed into law four federal statutes which further minoritized and niggerized “black” people in the USA (if that were even possible): 1994 NAFTA, which effectively ended the concept of good paying, good benefits factory and manufacturing jobs for Americans (mostly “black” and rural “white”); 1996 AEDPA (Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act), which effectively gave states carte blanche malicious conviction power by unconstitutionally limiting federal habeas corpus; 1996 Telecommunications Act, which monopolized all American media for rich “white” males. You can also throw in the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 – which was written by current vice President Joe Biden. It pumped $10 billion into the private prison industry, where “black” Americans are used as 21st century chattel slaves

If “black” people still blindly vote at a 95 percent clip for an alleged “black” incumbent President in 2012 just because he is “black” and a “Democrat,” this will only prove “African Americans” are by far the easiest manipulated people on the planet. Obama has made clear his policies are the exact same as George Bush’s, especially his foreign policy. Obama will never even acknowledge “black” people or poor people specifically. He has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a president for the rich, for homosexuals, and for immigrants (because he needs the Latino vote). Not voting for Obama, however, does not mean “black” people cannot defend him from baseless (other than his race) tea party attacks. It just means he is not worthy to be president…nor to be given the benefit of the doubt about anything.

3) Ron Paul Needs To Be Himself, While Reaching Out To New Voters

As was mentioned earlier, Ron Paul is a likable guy, but many “blacks” and Latinos may not know this, nor even know Paul exists. State-run media, in 2008, brought up a situation from the 1990s which staffers of Paul’s team published “racist” newsletters that talked about “black” people like they were animals. He calmly and eloquently answered the charge on CNN a while back.

I know Paul does not do much people-specific campaigning, but with television (big brother) as monopolized and powerful as ever, he really has no choice if he wants to win. Sadly a vast majority of Americans are still sheep and the only way his message will get out is direct contact with people. State-run media are not going to do Paul any favors, as he is anti-establishment He must, aggressively, do it himself.

A poll back in April indicated that most Americans could not name even ONE GOP candidate for 2012. This is an opportunity for the anti-war, pro-liberty Paul. But only if he’s willing to go get it.

American House Negro Supreme Title No Longer Cut-And-Dried

by Brian A. Wilkins

Booker T. Washington (L), President Barack Obama, and Supreme Court Justice
Clarence Thomas (R).

For decades, it was always Booker T. Washington; then Clarence Thomas became the “black” Republican mascot of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1991 thanks to Bush I. 20 years later, a newcomer is now worthy of mention in the Thomas-Washington dichotomy. The three candidates all have “impressive” resumes, but we’ll let you decide.

Washington is best known for being one of the founding members of Tuskegee University, an “historically black college” in America.  It is also the site of the United States’ genocidal “Tuskegee experiments,” administered by the U.S. Department of Health.

The 40 year genocide deliberately infected hundreds of “black” American men with syphillis. Though penicillin could have easily cured them, Euro-American doctors used the men as lab animals to test how long human beings can survive with the disease. Most all the men died and several spread the disease to their wives and subsequently to unborn children.

Despite the precedent of the Tuskegee genocide, the U.S. and European ruling classes and their subjects still refer to their creation of the HIV/AIDS virus to wipe out all African people “conspiracy” and as “playing the race card.”


Washington is also known for his concept of “conciliation.” This meant  men, women, and children newly freed from Euro-American imperial captivity in the 1880s, were taught to accept his belief that they are lesser beings than “white” people.

Under Washington’s leadership, Tuskegee taught courses in cotton picking, cleaning, and domestic servitude under the guise that service to “white” Americans was “beautiful and dignified” work. He felt that civil rights were unnecessary and that “blacks” should simply be happy there was a Thirteenth Amendment which at least, on paper, freed them from imperial control.

Washington’s views on “blacks” made him very popular among the rich Euro-American ruling class. Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, U.S. President William Howard Taft (1909-1913), and steel mogul Andrew Carnegie were among his supporters and contributors. Contemporary Confederites, such as Pat Buchanan, have also expressed admiration for Washington.

Mercifully, Washington died in 1915. He has been lionized by Euro-American media and by public schools named after him. Any “black” who teaches his own people to be subservient and obedient (or just acquiescent) to the ruling class will always be loved by the Euros who write history. See Martin Luther King, Jr.

Barack H. Obama
The truth is that, due to the recency effect and the perpetually humorous Republican whiteboy pouting about “a black” being in the White House, only a Nubian brother or sister can give an objective opinion about the President.

At least half of Euro-America sees “monkey,” “tar-baby,” “illegal alien,” and/or “radical Muslim” before they can even consider weighing Obama’s failures and weakness. The minority of Euro-Americans who have the ability to see “U.S. President” first likely cannot comprehend why this man may as well release his Bohemian Grove sex tape to the constituents he caters too and wants to be a part of.

We’ll start with Obama’s domestic record. It is common knowledge that Obama cannot and will not EVER dare specifically use executive power for legislation specifically beneficial to “African Americans.” He will never imply support for said people, nor will he even subtly acknowledge said people.

Obama knows his Euro-American voters, mostly “liberals,” would completely turn on him. Confederate TV (Fox News) would loop any potentially “pro-black” snippet as they did the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In fact, the only time Obama specifically addressed a real issue that disproportionately effects “African Americans” (imperial police occupation of Nubian neighborhoods in the USA), he was quickly instructed by his Zionist masters to backtrack on his words.

Since the Henry Louis Gates  abduction by Cambridge (MA) police, Obama now says problem solving must be about “all Americans” when asked specifically about “African Americans.”

Meanwhile, Obama used executive power to specifically extend almost $1 trillion in tax cuts to billionaire and millionaire Euro-Americans, and also to specifically allow homosexual, illegal immigrant couples to stay in the United States because they had a “gay marriage” here (note: male/female illegal immigrant married couples are not given the same amnesty).

But it is Obama’s foreign policy which earned him a spot on this infamous list. Barack Obama will go down in history as not only the first (and likely ONLY) “black” U.S. president, but the U.S. president who destroyed the African Investment Bank in Sirte, Libya.

Obama unilaterally ordered NATO to bomb Libya and arm al-Qaeda operatives (yes, that’s Osama bin Laden’s gang al-Qaeda) against the Libyan Army. Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s plan of a gold-standard money for all African countries would have ultimately freed the entire Continent of all residual Euro-imperial control (i.e. the World Bank and IMF). That is something Obama’s Zionist masters would never allow.

Obama is the U.S. president who is commencing a 21st century version of European imperial manipulation (colonization) of the Continent. A man with a father from Kenya who is rolling over in his grave, Obama also attended a Bohemian Grove ceremony in Monte Rio, CA. This is where the world’s billionaires do all kind of weird homosexual initiations for acceptance into ruling class politics.

Obama has also used drone aircrafts to unilaterally bomb Yemen and Somalia, and Syria is likely next.

Ahhh…where do we start with our favorite Uncle…a George H.W. Bush appointee to the United States Supreme Court, which should tell you all you need to know about this Stepford House Buffoon.

I guess we can start with the June 2009 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District Number One v. Holder. In an 8-1 decision, the Court upheld the 1965 Civil Rights Act, which outlaws statutory disenfranchisement of “African Americans” (via poll taxes, racial intimidation/assault/murder, etc.). The one dissenting vote was not whiteboy justice supreme Antonin Scalia…but was in fact Thomas, who reasoned the act is “no longer necessary.”

More recently, and even more creepy, Thomas, with a stroke of a pen, could have forever changed the way U.S. citizens could seek compensatory and punitive damages against rogue prosecutors. Since “black” Americans are forced to represent 50 percent of the U.S. prison, parole, and probation populations by imperial statutes and customs, the decision would have been monumental for said people.

John Thompson was convicted of capital murder in 1985 by Louisiana prosecutor Harry Connick Sr. (yes, the father of singer/actor Harry Connick, Jr.). It was discovered by private investigators in 1999 that Connick had hidden exculpatory evidence, mainly blood at the scene of the murder which did not match Mr. Thompson’s.

Evidence further showed eyewitness accounts at the time describing a suspect who looked nothing like Thompson. After 18 years in prison (14 of which were on death row), Mr. Thompson was released and the malicious murder conviction overturned.

Mr. Thompson sued Connick and was awarded a $14 million verdict which was upheld by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. But Thomas wrote the opinion for the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision overturning the verdict (see Connick v. Thompson (2011)). This virtually cemented the U.S. custom and tradition that prosecutors are immune from any and all accountability for their illegal, criminal actions.

Thomas’s one vote would have not only helped heal 18 years of concentration camp suffering of Mr. Thompson, but would have paved the road for hundreds of thousands of “African Americans” to seek justice for the perpetual malice and manipulation by U.S. prosecutors upon their communities.

Clarence Thomas with his owner, Justice Antonin Scalia.

Thomas has also ruled repeatedly that it is not a violation on the Eighth Amendment’s cruel and unusual punishment clause for prison guards to assault individuals held captive in concentration camps (see e.g. Hudson v. McMillian (1992)). Most of these prisoners have committed victimless, non-violent U.S.-created “crimes.”

Thomas has also repeatedly ruled that U.S. imperial forces they call “police” have carte blanche eminent domain over U.S. citizens bodies and property (see e.g. Georgia v. Randolph (2006) dissent)). 

Anita Hill and Angela Wright both brought forth allegations of Thomas’s sexual harassment during his Congressional confirmation hearings for his Supreme Court post. Thomas was their boss at the Department of Education.

Thomas was barely confirmed by the Senate, in a 52-48 vote in October 1991. A hero of Euro-American Republicans and commentators, Thomas will be on the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future, and continue his lifelong dream of being Scalia’s dog.

Arizona Whiteboy Supreme: Highly Coveted Position Now Up For Grabs (1/30/2011)

Washington D.C. Earthquake…or Underground Nuclear Explosion?

by Brian A. Wilkins

Seismograph from Washington and Lee University

Coincidentally or otherwise, the U.S. Congress was on recess when a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit the east coast Tuesday, including Washington, D.C. But according to a report on (which has been very hard to access the past few days due to high traffic):

“What is missing from the seismograph for the Washington DC area 5.8 magnitude earthquake are the primary or “P” waves.  All earthquakes that are the direct result of fault rupture have these primary or “P” waves.  Nuclear detonations do not.” 
Granted it is not unheard of for an earthquake to hit the East Coast and Midwest…

Photo from Michigan

But the fact remains the D.C. “earthquake” this week looks nothing like a naturally-occuring tremor based on fairly easy-to-read seismographs. It is also well established in 2011 that the U.S. military has been building (and completing) not-so-secret-anymore tunnels and bases far beneath the Earth’s surface and below sea-level for decades, paid for by our Social Security and tax dollars.

The network of interconnected tunnels and bases is vast (obviously a copycat of Ho Chi Minh’s trails in Vietnam and Laos…except Ho and the Vietnamese dug them by hand…the U.S. uses machines…see below). Though this is speculation, many researchers and prognosticators believe these underground/undersea civilizations, which do not need air from the surface and have the capability to grow crops, are for a select few people to seek refuge in the event of inevitable unrest and/or nuclear attack on the United States.

A diagram from the U.S. Navy depicting an undersea
civilization (top), which tunnels to access it are dug with
a military tunnel boring machine (bottom).

Whatever the ruling class is doing beneath the surface on the East Coast will likely never be known to the common American. Underground nuclear tests can produce radioactive material which can easily vent to the surface and endanger inhabitants of the vicinity. Again, this “earthquake” “coincidentally” happened when the ruling class is in recess from Congress…thus not in Washington, D.C., obviously to protect their own safety.

We ask anyone with the means to measure radioactivity levels in the area which has been deemed the epicenter of the “quake.” Why the U.S. government feels the need to have all these secretive civilizations is up for debate. The fact this nuclear test may have already exposed thousands of Americans to high levels of radiation, is not.